As the requirements and applications differ from each client, we can supply from basic components (IDS 806):

  • Normal door sensors, heavy duty door sensors and roller shutters
  • Indoor infra-red sensors (Passives) and Outdoor infra-red sensors (Beams)
  • Fixed panic buttons, keypad panic buttons and remote panic buttons
  • LED’s, strobe lights
  • Remotes for arming and disarming alarm systems
  • Away arm and stay arm


To more specific needs on larger alarm panels
(IDS X64):

  • Partitioning of alarm system – for example: You have a main house and a flat, you don’t need to install 2 (two) alarm systems as this system can be subdivided into 2 (two) systems that can operate totally independently of each other etc.
Falcon LTE & Falcon LTE Wifi


  • Dual SIM card and Wi-Fi operation for enhanced network reliability
  • GPRS reporting to a control room Interfaces
  • 7 Hardwired inputs with positive trip, negative trip or both
  • Dedicated AC Supply monitoring input
  • 2 on-board relay outputs which can be controlled by SMS and / or GPRS
  • Contact ID TIP and RING telephone interface to all leading control panels
  • Serial alarm interface to leading control panels
  • Programming over-the-air via GPRS
  • User function programming via SMS Indicators and Controls
  • Status and error indication via a seven segment display
  • Serial port selection and SIM Card swapping


We can provide the following IP & HDCVI cameras:

  • Dome & bullet cameras
  • PTZ cameras
  • Thermal cameras
  • Licence plate recognition cameras
  • People counting cameras
  • Mini & PIR cameras