Our technical teams provide installation of new alarm systems and also specialise in taking over existing alarm system from other armed response companies.

We test backup batteries, do keypad programming, supply and install sirens and all other security features in order to ensure proper functioning, in order to diagnose malfunction.

We demonstrate systems for our customers and explain details, such as the causes and consequences of false alarms.

We consult with clients to assess risks and to determine security requirements




The 24hour control room is the heart of our company and a key element in all our operations. The control room is equipped with the latest equipment and technology for receiving signals from alarm systems and communication with armed response officers and all existing and new clients.
The control room operators also has all contactable numbers in the case of emergencies and will automatically liaise with the Emergency Services, Fire Department or the South African Police Services in need, providing them with full details and addresses where necessary.

Armed Response


The armed response services works hand on hand with our 24hour Control room. Upon activation of alarm signal or call out from an existing client the control room operator sends out the armed response officer to investigate the premises of the client. The reaction services provided for the convenience of the key holder and is directed at minimizing the actual loss that may be suffered by the client from break-in burglary, injury or damage through the personal visit at the scene of the burglary.
Other duties also includes: Patrol in dedicated areas, insuring visibility in this area, reporting back to our 24hour control room of any suspicious activities or vehicles and ensuring peace of mind to all our existing clients.